The primary objective of school officials and teachers is the education of the young people in their charge.  There is a great necessity to ensure that students are given the opportunity to learn in a positive and orderly environment free from distractions.  This environment can, in part, be obtained through the implementation of a consistent dress code.


School authorities have the power to regulate school attire, and such regulations are valid if reasonably intended to accomplish a constitutionally permissible objective.  The Cameron Parish Student Dress Code intends to accomplish the following objective:


  1. The avoidance of disruption and distraction in the classroom;

  2. The fostering of respect for authority and discipline; and

  3. The conformation of students to community standards.




The School Board shall notify the parent or guardian of each student of the dress code specifications and their effective date.  If the School Board modifies the existing uniform policy, it shall notify, in writing the parent or guardian of each student of the policy adoption or uniform policy modification at least sixty (60) days prior to the effective date of the new or revised policy.  Each school shall display any uniform selected for a reasonable period prior to the proposed effective date for wearing of the uniform.  However, nothing shall prohibit the School Board from requiring a new or revised dress code or uniform policy without the required notice in the event of an emergency.  For the purposes of this policy, emergency shall mean an actual or imminent threat to health or safety which may result in loss of life, injury, or property damage.




Uniforms are mandatory for Cameron Parish Schools for all students in grades PK-12.  The principal of each school shall make the final decision as to what is considered proper or improper dress.


  1. Tops (shirts, blouses) shall consist of long or short-sleeved oxford and pull-over "golf-type" shirts and must be white or navy, no logo, with an optional third color as follows:

    Grand Lake High School                                  Burgundy
    Hackberry High School                                    Hunter Green
    Johnson Bayou High School                            Red
    South Cameron High School                            Red

    Tops may be worn in these colors only, and only at the schools indicated.

    Tops worn under uniform tops shall be of uniform color (white, navy, or school color), appropriately sized, and not extending below top or sleeves of shirt (with the exception of a long-sleeved shirt worn under a short-sleeved shirt).


  1. Bottoms shall consist of shorts and slacks for boys; shorts, slacks, Capri pants, skirts, skorts and jumpers for girls.  Slacks and Capri pants shall not be bell-bottomed, spandex, nor shall they have frayed edges or sewn pockets down the leg or on the outside, must be hemmed, and must not be cargo or carpenter pants.

    Slits on uniform bottoms shall not be lengthened, cut or altered and shall not be cut in uniform bottoms if they were not manufactured as such.


  1. Bottoms may be khaki or navy.  Any school may select an optional plaid.

  2. Schools shall have the option to select an officially designated school uniform t-shirts or spirit shirts which may be worn in lieu of the uniform top, on administratively approved days and shall be worn with a uniform bottom.  An exception to uniform bottoms may include a jean day or other suitable apparel within policy guidelines as approved by administration.

  3. Principals may designate a limited number of days per school year when, for a specific purpose, students may be excused from wearing uniforms, but must still follow Cameron Parish Guidelines for Student Dress and Appearance provisions.

  4. Outerwear is defined as a coat, jacket, sweatshirt or hooded sweatshirt, worn to provide warmth/comfort while on the school campus.  There shall be no restriction on outerwear except as noted in Guideline #3 under Guidelines for Student Dress and Appearance.  In addition, sweatshirts and hooded sweatshirts dominant color shall be restricted to the requirements of Guideline #1 of this section.  For purposes of the policy, a fleece shirt, sweater, or vest, are not considered as an approved outerwear.

  5. All shoes should have a full back to them.  (A strap is not considered a full back.)  In addition, slippers, sandals, flip-flops, shoes with cleats, flip-flops, soccer shoes and “Crocs”, imitation “Crocs” or other similar rubber composite shoes shall be prohibited.

  6. Socks, tights, or hosiery, if worn, must be navy, white, khaki, or of the school's optional color.

  7. All uniforms must be sized appropriately and must not be form-fitting.

  8. Caps, hats, sunglasses or other head coverings shall be prohibited indoors.  Bandannas are prohibited at all times.


Guidelines for Student Dress and Appearance


In addition to the above-listed uniform guidelines, students are expected to follow these guidelines for dress and appearance:


  1. Tank tops and muscle shirts worn as outer garments are not allowed.

  2. Apparel with bare midriffs and spaghetti straps are not allowed.  See-through blouses, halter tops and fish net shirts are not allowed.  Clothing which fits inappropriately or reveals undergarments is not allowed.

  3. Clothing which has profane, obscene, or sexually suggestive language or language which is suggestive of a controlled substance (i.e. alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc.) or use of such substance and language inherent or implying violence or is gang-related is prohibited.

  4. Male students are not allowed to wear earrings and other visible body piercing jewelry.  Female students may wear earrings, but no other visible body piercing jewelry.  Male and female students are not allowed to have visible tattoos.

  5. Extremes in hairstyles are colores, lines, letters, or designs cut into the hair are not permitted.  (Natural hair colors such as black, brunette, auburn, blond, are examples of acceptable hair colors)

  6. Skirts (including the height of a slit, if applicable), shorts, skorts, and rompers must be of an acceptable length (4 inches above the knee).

  7. Baggy pants and pajama pants are not permitted.  Pants should be worn above the hipbone and must be the appropriate size for the student.

  8. Leggings and tights are not permitted unless the items worn over them are of acceptable length.




When representing their school at any extracurricular or co-curricular activity, students must follow the Cameron Parish Student Dress Code.  In some cases, the sponsoring organization may require a stricter dress code.


During functions which require formal attire, the Cameron Parish School Board expects good taste.  The following formal dress guidelines are in effect:


  1. No bare midriffs are permitted.

  2. The back must not be exposed lower than the waistline.

  3. A full bodice is required.  No cutouts are permitted in the front.

  4. Spaghetti straps and strapless tops are permitted.

  5. Necklines, waistlines, and sides must not reveal cleavage, breasts, and/or navels.

  6. Slits must be no higher than mid-thigh.

  7. See-through or sheer material is not permitted as a covering for those portions of skin which must not be exposed.




Uniform/Dress Code violations for grades PK through 12 shall be addressed as is addressed for grades 8 through 12 in Cameron Parish School Board policy JCDA, Student Code of Conduct.


A student enrolled in grades prekindergarten through five shall not be suspended or expelled from school or suspended from riding on any school bus for a uniform violation that is not tied to willful disregard of school policies.




It shall be unlawful and against School Board policy for any student or non-student to wear or possess on his/her person, at any time, body armor on any School Board property, school campus, at a school-sponsored function, on a school bus or other school transportation, or in a firearm-free zone, with limited exception as enumerated in La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §14:95.9.  School-sponsored functions shall include, but not be limited to, athletic competitions, dances, parties, or any extracurricular activities.  A firearm-free zone means any area within one thousand feet of any school campus and within a school bus.


Body armor shall mean bullet-resistant metal or other material intended to provide protection from weapons or bodily injury.


Revised:  August, 1999

Revised:  January, 2008

Revised:  June, 2000

Revised:  December, 2008

Revised:  July, 2000

Revised:  August, 2010

Revised:  September, 2000

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Revised:  June 12, 2017

Revised:  June, 2003




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Cameron Parish School Board