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STAR winners
Congratulations! Cameron Parish S.T.A.R. Our October are announced, Mr. Larry Jinks, Johnson Bayou HS Janitor, Jenna Berry, Johnson Bayou HS elementary student, LaDamian Toutoute, Hackberry HS middle school student, Kayleigh Conner, Hackberry HS high school student . These winners were nominated by those who have witnessed them having exemplified kindness, generosity, genuine good behavior and character. They have made Cameron Parish a better place for all of us to live and we thank them. 
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Cameron Parish Schools currently has a mission and a vision. I felt it appropriate for us to adopt a motto. After speaking with the principals, some had the suggestion, “Students First”. I thought this would be a wonderful motto to help us remember why we go to work every day. With all the negativity surrounding public education currently, I thought it would be great for us to bring something positive to the forefront of our stakeholders mind. To all faculty, staff, and students, please let these wrist bands and lanyards serve as a constant reminder of what we are all here for!!! Thank you, Charley Lemons, Superintendent
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