Dear Parents/Guardians of CPSB students,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break and is looking forward to 2022. I wish we were starting 
2022 a little more positivity, but unfortunately Omicron has hit our state and is now causing a fifth surge 
in the COVID-19 pandemic. We were fortunate enough last year and this school year so far to keep our 
schools open. Our nurses, administrators, teachers, and staff have worked diligently and implemented the 
mitigation measures that the CDC required for schools to be open throughout the pandemic. Now we are 
asked again to revise our mitigation measures in school in order to keep our faculty, staff and students 

Starting this January, we will continue to follow the recommendations of the CDC by implementing the 
new guidance for K-12 schools which allows us to shorten the quarantine periods to 5 days. This new 
guidance also includes the wearing of a face mask for contacts and COVID positive persons who return 
on campus after the 5th day through day 10. Our school nurses will address the mask wearing on an 
individual basis as needed. However, we will not be implementing the wearing of face masks for all 
students and employees at this time but will continue to monitor the situation. We will also continue with 
the mitigation measures such as social distancing and hand washing as recommended by the CDC and 

Our goal is to remain open so that your children can have the opportunity to have face to face instruction 
within our schools and participate in extracurricular activities. It has also been recommended at this time 
by the CDC and LDH to suspend extracurricular activities. However, we have decided to NOT suspend
these activities at this time and will revisit this decision if there is a rise in Omicron cases affecting our 
school’s ability to continue to play/participate. 

Again, with all of our efforts at the school level, we cannot achieve this goal without the parents and 
guardians of our students doing their part. It is now more than ever important for each of you to keep 
your children home if they are experiencing signs and symptoms of COVID 19 or have recently been 
exposed to COVID-19. This will help us to maintain a safe and healthy environment for your children 
and our staff at school. Our local hospitals are pleading with our communities to be diligent and help stop 
the spread of COVID-19. Together we can help so please do your part and if your child is ill do not send 
them to school.

Lastly, we will be releasing some additional guidance tomorrow from the LDH that we will follow during 
the spring semester. If you have any questions regarding this guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact 
your child’s respective school administrator.

Stay safe,
Charley Lemons
Cameron Parish Schools